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ANSYS Tutorial Release 2023

Available May 5, 2023
200 pages
  • Contains eight, step-by-step, tutorial style lessons progressing from simple to complex
  • Covers problems involving truss, plane stress, plane strain, axisymmetric, solid, beam, and plate structural elements
  • Example problems in heat transfer, thermal stress, mesh creation and importing of CAD models are included
  • Includes elementary orthotropic and composite plate examples

Parametric Modeling with Siemens NX

Available May 1, 2023
500 pages
  • Designed specifically for beginners with no prior CAD experience
  • Uses a hands-on, exercise-intensive, tutorial style approach
  • Covers parametric modeling, 3D Modeling, sheet metal design, assembly modeling, multiview drawings and more
  • Includes chapters introducing you to 3D printing, advanced assembly modeling and animation

Engineering Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2023

Available April 24, 2023
Beginner - Intermediate
592 pages
  • Concurrently introduces SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2023 and Finite Element Analysis
  • Covers a wide variety of Finite Element Analysis problems
  • Uses hands-on exercises that build on one another throughout the book
  • Printed in full color

Autodesk Revit for Architecture Certified User Exam Preparation (Revit 2023 Edition)

Available April 19, 2023
100 pages
  • This book will prepare you to pass the Revit Certified User Exam on your first try
  • Designed for users with about 150 hours of instruction and real-world Revit experience
  • Gives an overview of the exam process
  • Describes the main topics you need to be familiar with to pass the exam
  • Comes with practice exam software that simulates an actual exam

Autodesk AutoCAD 2024 Fundamentals

Published March 28, 2023
790 pages
  • Designed for new users of AutoCAD 2024
  • Uses a tutorial style that progresses with each chapter
  • Teaches you to use AutoCAD as a tool for drafting and design
  • This edition features new exercises on the Auto-Placement of Blocks and COMBINE text tool

A Hands-On Introduction to SOLIDWORKS 2023

Published March 23, 2023
544 pages
  • Intended for users completely new to SOLIDWORKS
  • Designed to complement an engineering graphics course
  • Utilizes many real-life parts and assemblies
  • Includes over fifteen hours of video instruction

Learning SOLIDWORKS 2023

Published March 17, 2023
542 pages
  • Teaches beginners how to use SOLIDWORKS with easy to understand tutorials
  • Features a simple robot design used as a project throughout the book
  • Covers modeling, gear creation, linkage analysis, assemblies, simulations and 3D animation
  • Available with an optional robot kit
  • Includes a chapter introducing you to 3D printing

Beginner's Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2023 - Level II

Published March 15, 2023
678 pages
  • Designed to teach intermediate users advanced topics and techniques
  • Covers sheet metal, surfacing, top-down design, parametric modeling, mold design, welded structures and more
  • Uses a task oriented approach to learning SOLIDWORKS
  • Includes access to video instruction
  • Covers commands found on the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced and Expert Exams

Design Workbook Using SOLIDWORKS 2023

Published March 15, 2023
260 pages
  • An exercise-based workbook using step-by-step tutorials teaches you to use SOLIDWORKS 2023
  • Designed for use in undergraduate engineering and pre-college courses
  • Covers modeling, finite element analysis, assembly modeling, kinematic simulation, rapid prototyping and projecting engineering drawings
  • Incorporates the principles of engineering graphics into lessons

Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2023

Published March 3, 2023
518 pages
  • Uses step-by-step tutorials to introduce users to SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2023
  • Incorporates theoretical aspects of Finite Element Analysis
  • Covers all the most important Finite Element Analysis techniques and concepts
  • Includes a chapter covering contact analysis

Engineering Design with SOLIDWORKS 2023

Published March 3, 2023
Beginner - Intermediate
804 pages
  • A comprehensive introduction to SOLIDWORKS using tutorial style, step-by-step instructions
  • Designed for beginning or intermediate SOLIDWORKS users
  • Learn to create parts and assemblies using machined, plastic and sheet metal components
  • Also covers Simulation, Sustainability, and Intelligent Modeling techniques
  • Includes bonus chapters on the CSWA exam and 3D printing

Engineering Graphics with SOLIDWORKS 2023

Published March 1, 2023
Beginner - Intermediate
582 pages
  • Covers engineering graphics and SOLIDWORKS 2023 in a step-by-step manner
  • Designed for beginning or intermediate SOLIDWORKS users
  • Contains a chapter on the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate CSWA program
  • Includes a chapter introducing you to 3D printing

Beginner's Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2023 - Level I

Published February 21, 2023
820 pages
  • Designed to teach new users the basic concepts of SOLIDWORKS and good solid modeling techniques
  • Uses a task oriented approach to learning SOLIDWORKS
  • Focuses on the processes to complete the modeling of a part, instead of individual commands
  • Includes access to extensive video instruction
  • Covers commands found on the CSWA exam and includes a practice test
  • This edition features expanded content covering the CSWA exam

SOLIDWORKS 2023 and Engineering Graphics

Published February 9, 2023
728 pages
  • Combines engineering graphics with SOLIDWORKS 2023 instruction
  • Uses a tutorial style with step-by-step instructions
  • Contains numerous exercises and review questions designed for classroom use
  • Prepares you to take the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Exam
  • Includes SOLIDWORKS models of the sketching exercises to aid students' visualization
  • Features a chapter introducing you to 3D printing

Getting Started with Onshape

Published February 3, 2023
472 pages
  • A concise guide to Onshape with step by step tutorials
  • Geared towards users who have no experience with 3D modeling
  • Learn to create parts, assemblies, drawings and export files to be 3D printed
  • Features seven projects followed through from start to finish
  • This edition features new lessons covering configurations and variable studio

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Quick Start

Published February 2, 2023
270 pages
  • Introduces you to the basics of SOLIDWORKS in five easy lessons
  • Concentrates on areas where new users can improve efficiency in the design modeling process
  • Develops a Stirling Engine throughout the book
  • Perfectly suited for schools including CAD as part of a broader course
  • Includes bonus chapters on the CSWA exam and 3D printing

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Tutorial

Published January 30, 2023
Beginner - Intermediate
644 pages
  • Uses step-by-step, project based tutorials designed for beginning or intermediate users
  • Will prepare you for the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Exam
  • Includes a chapter introducing you to 3D printing

Automating SOLIDWORKS 2023 Using Macros

Published January 27, 2023
Beginner - Intermediate
448 pages
  • Learn how to save time by automating repetitive work
  • Teaches you how to develop macros for SOLIDWORKS, the SOLIDWORKS Document Manager and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional
  • Programming experience is not required
  • Covers many of the major API functions through practical use cases
  • Focuses on the Visual Studio Tools for Applications macro interface

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Basic Tools

Published January 20, 2023
692 pages
  • Starts at an introductory level, designed for beginners
  • Comprehensive coverage of beginning tools and techniques
  • Uses a step by step, tutorial approach with real world projects
  • Covers the creation of parts, assemblies and drawings
  • Features a quick reference guide and a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate practice exam
  • The first book of a three book series
  • This edition features additional lessons and exercises throughout the book

Integrated Introduction to Culinary Arts Management - Student Workbook

Published January 18, 2023
312 pages
  • Reinforces food safety essentials discussed in the companion coursebook
  • Covers objective domains from the ServSafe┬« Food Protection Manager certification exam
  • Contains a full semester of activities, recipes and step-by-step videos
  • Supports all learning styles with a variety of study resources
  • Includes an access code for the practice exam software and all exercise videos
  • Workbook available separately or with the coursebook as a complete culinary arts set
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