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Adobe Lightroom

Available May 1, 2023
400 pages
  • Instructs new Adobe Lightroom users to organize, edit, store and export digital images
  • Build on your skills with the in-depth compendium of features and functions
  • Helps you organize your optimum workspace
  • Lessons model Lightroom’s powerful, non-destructive image enhancing capabilities
  • Master shortcut keys and special features to record, save, and batch apply edits
  • Explores output settings and options for all your projects

AutoCAD 2023 Instructor

Available January 11, 2023
All Users
1260 pages
  • In depth coverage of AutoCAD’s commands and features
  • Chapters are structured around related commands
  • Starts with fundamental commands and progresses to more specialized applications
  • An ideal reference guide for users at all levels
  • Well suited for a two or three course sequence
  • Commands and features new in AutoCAD 2023 are highlighted for easy access
  • Includes bonus chapters on dynamic blocks and express tools
  • This edition features new introductory videos

Adobe After Effects

Available November 16, 2022
500 pages
  • Teaches new After Effects users to enhance and add effects to post-production video
  • Answers your questions and develops your proficiency with an extensive compendium
  • Introduces a palette of professional visual effects for 2D and 3D projects
  • Shows how to incorporate and manipulate any media with motion graphics tools
  • Provides lesson documents and downloads to complete at your own pace
  • Practical exercises can be applied to all your own projects

Autodesk Revit 2023 BIM Management

Available November 15, 2022
750 pages
  • Learn to coordinate, update and share design data with team members through all phases of a building's life
  • Simplify projects by creating office standards with custom templates and families
  • Uses real world drawing projects as examples
  • Designed for users already familiar with Revit

Revit Architecture 2023 for Electrical Workers

Available October 21, 2022
600 pages
  • Introduces electrical journeymen to the basics of Revit
  • Uses exercises based on real work situations
  • Teaches you how to work with Revit documents provided by contractors and architects
  • Makes you a more valuable, better skilled employee

Autodesk Revit 2023 Structure Fundamentals

Available October 19, 2022
750 pages
  • Teaches you Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Autodesk Revit
  • Shows you how to create, document and print parametric models
  • Takes you through the basics of a full structural project
  • Covers many different building types

An Introduction to ANSYS Fluent 2022

Published September 16, 2022
Beginner - Intermediate
688 pages
  • Teaches new users how to run Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations using ANSYS Fluent
  • Uses applied problems, with detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Designed to supplement undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Covers the use of ANSYS Workbench, ANSYS DesignModeler, ANSYS Meshing and ANSYS Fluent
  • Compares results from ANSYS Fluent with numerical solutions using Mathematica
  • This edition feature three new chapters analyzing an optimized elbow, golf balls, and a car

Designing with Creo Parametric 9.0

Published September 13, 2022
Beginner - Intermediate
542 pages
  • Focuses on applying Creo Parametric as a design tool
  • Design intent is referenced and used throughout the book
  • Uses graphically rich step-by-step tutorials throughout the text
  • Contains extensive chapters on dimensioning and engineering drawings
  • Includes an introduction to Creo Simulate

Programming and Engineering Computing with MATLAB 2022

Published September 9, 2022
532 pages
  • Designed for engineering students completely new to programming with MATLAB
  • Uses a learn by doing approach with step by step instructions
  • Contains line by line descriptions of code presented in the book
  • Case studies and examples are used throughout the book
  • Devotes an entire chapter to designing graphical user interfaces

Mechanism Design and Analysis Using PTC Creo Mechanism 9.0

Published September 9, 2022
178 pages
  • Learn to make your design process more cost effective, reliable, and efficient
  • Teaches you how to prevent redesign due to design defects
  • A project-based approach teaches new users how to perform analysis using Creo Mechanism
  • Covers model creation, analysis type selection, kinematics and dynamics, and results visualization
  • Incorporates theoretical discussions of kinematic and dynamic analysis with simulation results
  • Covers the most frequently used commands and concepts of mechanism design and analysis

Interior Design Using Autodesk Revit 2023

Published August 24, 2022
840 pages
  • Written specifically for interior designers
  • No previous experience with Autodesk Revit is required
  • Uses a project based, tutorial style approach
  • Includes access to extensive video instruction and bonus content
  • Helps you prepare for the Autodesk Revit Architecture Certification Exam

Engineering Graphics Essentials with AutoCAD 2023 Instruction

Published August 23, 2022
954 pages
  • Covers both engineering graphics and AutoCAD 2023
  • Each book includes videos, audio lectures, interactive quizzes and more
  • Numerous exercises are used throughout the book to reinforce key concepts
  • Includes hand sketching exercises
  • This edition features new videos where the author guides you through every AutoCAD lesson in the book

Parametric Modeling with Autodesk Inventor 2023

Published August 22, 2022
624 pages
  • Designed specifically for beginners with no prior CAD experience
  • Uses a hands-on, exercise-intensive, tutorial style approach
  • Comes with extensive video instruction
  • Covers parametric modeling, 3D Modeling, 3D printing, and the Autodesk Inventor Certified User Exam
  • Contains a chapter introducing you to stress analysis

Technical Drawing 101 with AutoCAD 2023

Published August 22, 2022
564 pages
  • Blends technical drawing and an introduction to AutoCAD 2023
  • Covers both mechanical and architectural projects
  • Twenty six hours of video instruction is included with each book
  • Drafting theory is incorporated throughout the text
  • Designed to be used in a single semester, instructor led course
  • Each chapter contains key terms, unit summaries, review questions and drawing projects

Finite Element Simulations with ANSYS Workbench 2022

Published August 10, 2022
Beginner - Intermediate
618 pages
  • A comprehensive easy to understand workbook using step-by-step instructions
  • Designed as a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Relevant background knowledge is reviewed whenever necessary
  • Twenty seven real world case studies are used to give readers hands-on experience
  • Comes with video demonstrations of all 45 exercises
  • Compatible with ANSYS Student 2022
  • Printed in full color

Autodesk Maya 2023 Basics Guide

Published August 10, 2022
660 pages
  • Designed for users completely new to 3D modeling and animation
  • Covers the fundamentals of Autodesk Maya using easy to follow steps
  • Includes video instruction to make learning Maya clear and easy
  • Introduces you to the Maya interface, modeling, texturing, animating, visual effects and more
  • Advanced topics such as character rigging, skinning, animating with dynamics and MEL scripting are also introduced
  • Teaches you how to use Maya to create stunning 3D models, stills and animations like a pro

Autodesk Revit 2023 Architecture Certified Professional Exam Study Guide

Published August 4, 2022
Intermediate - Advanced
630 pages
  • Written for users already familiar with Autodesk Revit who want to get certified
  • Covers the Certified Professional exam
  • Contains exercises and practice questions in each chapter for the exam
  • Includes a complete, timed practice exam that can be run on your computer

Creo Simulate 9.0 Tutorial

Published August 2, 2022
Beginner - Intermediate
312 pages
  • Written for first time FEA and Creo Simulate users
  • Uses simple examples with step-by-step tutorials
  • Explains the relation of commands to the overall FEA philosophy
  • Both 2D and 3D problems are covered

Autodesk Civil 3D 2023 Fundamentals

Published August 2, 2022
936 pages
  • Designed for readers with no prior Autodesk Civil 3D experience
  • Covers the core tasks and common workflows of Autodesk Civil 3D
  • The first part of the book will teach you the essentials, while the second part goes in-depth
  • Learn to create and analyze surfaces, model road corridors, perform takeoff and volume calculations, lay out pipe networks and much more

Design Integration Using Autodesk Revit 2023

Published August 2, 2022
Beginner - Intermediate
900 pages
  • Covers all three disciplines of Autodesk Revit in one book
  • Guides you through creating a two story law office while teaching you the BIM process
  • Uses step-by-step tutorials and starts at an introductory level
  • Includes access to extensive video instruction and bonus chapters
  • Bonus chapters include an introduction to lighting design, multi-story stairs, building performance analysis and much more
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