Mastering Modern CAD Drawings with SOLIDWORKS 2024

Applying ASME Standards to Engineering Drawings

Available April 24, 2024
Beginner - Intermediate
400 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-63057-689-9


Key Features

  • Comprehensive guide to creating CAD drawings using SOLIDWORKS
  • Covers a wide range of part types and technical drawing topics
  • Emphasizes the importance of ASME standards and best practices
  • Extensively covers geometric dimensioning and tolerancing in technical drawing
  • Demonstrates assembly drawings, custom properties and configurations
  • Describes Model-Based Definition and how to collaborate with others on projects

In Detail

We thrive as learners when we actively practice the skills we want to master, and this is especially true for learning computer-aided design. Mastering Modern CAD Drawings with SOLIDWORKS 2024 provides new and more experienced users with the perfect blend of preparation and plenty of practice to build their skills. Clearly explained theory and techniques help you create 2D drawings and engineering graphics for a variety of parts, meaning you will never have to ask why you are completing a step. Designed as an efficient tool for busy, visually oriented learners, this book offers excellent technical detail and motivating real-world examples, focusing on the latest standards, materials, industries and production processes.

Because of its popularity, there is a high demand for those with SOLIDWORKS skills. In Mastering Modern CAD Drawings with SOLIDWORKS 2024 you create the types of SOLIDWORKS projects that students, designers, engineers, and other manufacturing professionals routinely encounter. The diverse assortment of parts covered, including machined, plastic injection molding, casted and sheet metal, will pique every learner’s interest. The drawing exercises give you room to remember and apply your new-found skills at your own pace. Topics important to technical drawing are included, such as customizing the Bill of Materials, using the Custom Properties, creating Tabulated Tables in MS-Excel, Model Based Definition (MBD), and one of the most used standards in CAD: ASME ANSI GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing). This thoughtfully written and organized book gives you a balanced view of computer-aided drafting that you won’t get with other SOLIDWORKS books.

Why this book?

Mastering Modern CAD Drawings with SOLIDWORKS 2024 stands out from other books because the author’s unembellished and effective writing style unravels the complexities of CAD drawing and design, providing a gateway to mastering drafting in general and with SOLIDWORKS. Chapter one provides a first-rate overview of technical drawing and SOLIDWORKS. Chapter three describes GD&T so any learner will understand it, including a section of fully defined terms. Solid descriptions of CAD topics ease new users into each chapter while reacquainting more seasoned users with important information. Mastering Modern CAD Drawings with SOLIDWORKS 2024 makes it easy to explore and understand technical drawing with SOLIDWORKS. Readers would do well to keep this text for future reference. It is a must-have for any student, team, company, or school to research drawing standards whenever needed.