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Parametric Modeling with SolidWorks 2013

Published February 22, 2013
551 pages
  • Teaches you SolidWorks 2013 and parametric modeling with hands on tutorials
  • Also covers sheet metal, SimulationXpress, basic motion analysis, collision detection and more
  • Prepares you to take the Certified SolidWorks Associate Exam

SketchUp 8 for Interior Designers

Published February 18, 2013
224 pages
  • Written to teach new users the basics of SketchUp 8
  • Focuses on the fundamentals of 2D line work, 3D extraction, applying materials and printing
  • Uses a tutorial style approach throughout the book
  • Designed with a classroom setting in mind
  • Has been expanded to cover styles, animations and working with DWG files

Creo Parametric 2.0 Tutorial and Multimedia DVD

Published February 15, 2013
404 pages
  • Uses step-by-step tutorials designed for novice users
  • Includes a Multimedia DVD with video tutorials
  • Explains not only how but also why commands are used
  • Covers part and assembly creation, creating engineering drawings and parametric solid modeling

SolidWorks 2013 Tutorial with Video Instruction

Published February 1, 2013
631 pages
  • Uses step-by-step, project based tutorials designed for beginning or intermediate users
  • Includes 1.5 hours of video instruction on a multimedia disc
  • Uses over 50 feature and sketch tools
  • Covers SimulationXpress, Sustainability, DFMXpress and Intelligent Modeling Techniques
  • Will prepare you for the Certified SolidWorks Associate Exam

Engineering Design with SolidWorks 2013 and Video Instruction

Published January 8, 2013
776 pages
  • A comprehensive introduction to SolidWorks using tutorial style, step-by-step instructions
  • Designed for beginning or intermediate SolidWorks users
  • Contains a multimedia DVD demonstrating the use of individual features, commands and tools
  • Teaches you to develop multiple parts and assemblies using machined, plastic and sheet metal components
  • Also covers SimulationXpress, Sustainability / SustainabilityXpress and DFMXpress and Intelligent Modeling techniques

Commands Guide Tutorial for SolidWorks 2013

Out of Print
Published December 21, 2012
876 pages
  • A comprehensive reference book for SolidWorks 2013
  • Contains 240 plus standalone tutorials
  • Starts with a basic overview of SolidWorks 2013 and its new features
  • Tutorials are written for each topic with new and intermediate users in mind
  • Comes with a CD containing models of each tutorial's initial and final state

Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Using SolidWorks Simulation 2013

Published December 21, 2012
460 pages
  • Uses step-by-step tutorials to introduce users to SolidWorks Simulation 2013
  • Incorporates theoretical aspects of Finite Element Analysis
  • Covers all the most important Finite Element Analysis techniques and concepts

Revit Structure 2013 Basics

Out of Print
Published December 21, 2012
395 pages
  • Uses a step by step, tutorial style approach
  • Designed for users already familiar with the basics of Revit
  • Contains tutorials for engineers, designers, drafters, and CAD managers

Learning SolidWorks 2013

Out of Print
Published November 27, 2012
486 pages
  • Teaches beginners how to use SolidWorks with easy to understand tutorials
  • Features a simple robot design used as a project throughout the book
  • Covers modeling, gear creation, linkage analysis, assemblies, simulations and 3D animation
  • Available with an optional robot kit

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 for Surveyors

Out of Print
Published November 20, 2012
357 pages
  • Designed specifically for survey students learning AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Covers the tools and workflows typically used by surveyors
  • Includes end of the chapter review questions

Official Guide to Certified SolidWorks Associate Exams: CSWA, CSDA, CSWSA-FEA

Out of Print
Published November 14, 2012
331 pages
  • Thoroughly prepares you for the CSWA, CSDA and CSWSA-FEA examinations
  • Provides the most focused and comprehensive coverage of the CSWA exam and related topics
  • Intended for anyone with 6 - 9 months of SolidWorks experience or an interest in sustainability

SolidWorks 2013 Part I - Basic Tools

Published November 13, 2012
682 pages
  • Starts at an introductory level designed for beginners
  • Comprehensive coverage of beginning to intermediate tools and techniques
  • Uses a step by step, tutorial approach with real world projects
  • Covers the creation of parts, assemblies and drawings
  • Features a quick reference guide and a Certified SolidWorks Professional practice exam

SolidWorks 2013 Part II - Advanced Techniques

Published November 12, 2012
688 pages
  • Uses a step by step tutorial approach with real world projects
  • Comprehensive coverage of advanced modeling techniques
  • Covers parts, surfaces, SimulationXpress, sheet metal, top-down assemblies and core and cavity molds
  • Features a quick reference guide and a Certified SolidWorks Professional practice exam

Thermal Analysis with SolidWorks Simulation 2012

Published October 22, 2012
200 pages
  • Introduces you to both thermal analysis and its implementation in SolidWorks Simulation 2012
  • Covers heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation, thermally induced stress and thermally induced buckling
  • Uses hands on exercises that build on one another throughout the book
  • Designed for users already familiar with Finite Element Analysis using SolidWorks Simulation

Autodesk Revit 2013 BIM Management

Out of Print
Published September 19, 2012
450 pages
  • Designed for students already familiar with Revit Architecture
  • Teaches you to set up office standards with templates
  • Learn to coordinate, update and share design data with team members through all phases of a building's life
  • Uses real world drawing projects

CSWE - Certified SolidWorks Expert Preparation Materials

Published September 17, 2012
228 pages
  • The most complete and comprehensive book on the CSWE exam available
  • Lessons are based on the actual CSWE examination
  • Projects are broken down into easy and comprehendible steps
  • Intended for advanced users who have already accomplished the CSWP title

Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2013 Fundamentals

Published September 12, 2012
230 pages
  • Designed for new users of AutoCAD Architecture 2013
  • Uses a tutorial style that progresses with each chapter
  • Guides you through building a completed 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house
  • Includes quizzes and practice exams

CATIA V5 FEA Tutorials Release 21

Published August 24, 2012
528 pages
  • Introduces new users to the Finite Element Analysis capabilities of CATIA 21
  • Covers a wide variety of problems using step by step tutorials
  • Each chapter is completely independent of each other
  • Intended for people already familiar with the basics of using CATIA

Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2013 Fundamentals

Out of Print
Published August 24, 2012
746 pages
  • Designed for users completely new to 3ds Max Design
  • Uses real world tasks encountered in every day use
  • Covers modeling, assembling files, materials, lighting, rendering and animation

CATIA V5 Tutorials Mechanism Design & Animation Release 21

Published August 23, 2012
496 pages
  • Tutorials show you how to create, assemble and simulate the motion of mechanisms
  • Teaches you to generate movies and plots of kinematics
  • Covers most joint types
  • Each chapter is completely independent of each other
  • Intended for people already familiar with part and assembly modeling in CATIA
Showing 341 - 360 of 690