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SOLIDWORKS 2016 Tutorial with Video Instruction

Published January 11, 2016
608 pages
  • Uses step-by-step, project based tutorials designed for beginning or intermediate users
  • Comes with training videos demonstrating all the basic tools needed to start using SOLIDWORKS
  • Will prepare you for the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Exam
  • Includes a chapter introducing you to 3D printing

Getting Started with Onshape

Out of Print
Published January 8, 2016
270 pages
  • A concise guide to Onshape with step by step tutorials
  • Geared towards users who have no experience with 3D modeling
  • Learn to create parts, assemblies, drawings and export files to be 3D printed
  • Features two projects followed through from start to finish

Learning SOLIDWORKS 2016

Published December 30, 2015
512 pages
  • Teaches beginners how to use SOLIDWORKS with easy to understand tutorials
  • Features a simple robot design used as a project throughout the book
  • Covers modeling, gear creation, linkage analysis, assemblies, simulations and 3D animation
  • Available with an optional robot kit

Engineering Design with SOLIDWORKS 2016 and Video Instruction

Published December 18, 2015
852 pages
  • A comprehensive introduction to SOLIDWORKS using tutorial style, step-by-step instructions
  • Comes with training videos demonstrating all the basic tools needed to start using SOLIDWORKS
  • Designed for beginning or intermediate SOLIDWORKS users
  • Learn to create parts and assemblies using machined, plastic and sheet metal components
  • Also covers Simulation, Sustainability, Intelligent Modeling techniques and 3D Printing

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Reference Guide

Published December 17, 2015
992 pages
  • A comprehensive reference book for SOLIDWORKS 2016
  • Contains 250 plus standalone tutorials
  • Starts with a basic overview of SOLIDWORKS 2016 and its new features
  • Tutorials are written for each topic with new and intermediate users in mind
  • Includes access to each tutorial’s initial and final state as well as video tutorials

Introduction to Mechanical System Simulation Using Adams

Published October 15, 2015
152 pages
  • Developed for readers who have little or no experience with multibody dynamics
  • Introduces you to the basics of how Adams models are formulated and then numerically solved
  • Features relatively small examples that are easy to build and execute
  • Provides a practical introduction to Adams that’s designed to complement the documentation
  • Printed in full color

Autodesk Revit 2016 BIM Management

Published September 22, 2015
580 pages
  • Designed for students already familiar with Revit Architecture
  • Teaches you to set up office standards with templates
  • Learn to coordinate, update and share design data with team members through all phases of a building's life
  • Uses real world drawing projects

Finite Element Simulations with ANSYS Workbench 16

Published September 18, 2015
610 pages
  • A comprehensive easy to understand workbook using step-by-step instructions
  • Designed as a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Relevant background knowledge is reviewed whenever necessary
  • Twenty seven real world case studies are used to give readers hands-on experiences
  • Comes with video demonstrations of all 45 exercises
  • Printed in full color

Autodesk Maya 2016 Basics Guide

Published September 18, 2015
532 pages
  • Designed for users completely new to 3D modeling and animation
  • Covers the fundamentals of Autodesk Maya using easy to follow steps
  • Includes video instruction to make learning Maya clear and easy
  • Introduces you to the Maya interface, modeling, texturing, animating, visual effects and more
  • Advanced topics such as character rigging, skinning, animating with dynamics and MEL scripting are also introduced
  • Teaches you how to use Maya to create stunning 3D models, stills and animations like a pro

Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Fundamentals

Published September 2, 2015
696 pages
  • Designed for users completely new to 3ds Max
  • Uses real world tasks encountered in everyday use
  • Geared towards professionals in Architecture, Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Product Design industries
  • Covers modeling, assembling files, materials, lighting, rendering and animation
  • Thorough coverage of tools teaches you to take full advantage of Autodesk 3ds Max

Introduction to AutoCAD 2016 for Civil Engineering Applications

Published August 18, 2015
748 pages
  • Combines the theory of engineering graphics and the use of AutoCAD 2016
  • Designed specifically for civil engineering students
  • Uses clearly defined objectives and step-by-step instructions
  • This edition features a new chapter on Plotting and new examples throughout the book

Kelly L. Murdock's Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Complete Reference Guide

Published August 7, 2015
1280 pages
  • The ultimate guide to learning and using 3ds Max 2016
  • Covers all the basics as well as advanced topics using easy to follow, step by step tutorials
  • Gets beginners started and teaches experienced users the newest capabilities of 3ds Max
  • Advanced topics include crowd simulation, particle systems, rigid body dynamics, state sets, compositing, radiosity, network rendering, and MAXScript
  • Features more than 150 tutorials and complete references detailing all primitives, modifiers, materials, maps, and controllers

Revit Architecture 2016 Basics

Published August 6, 2015
598 pages
  • Designed for anyone who wants to learn 3D parametric modeling for commercial structures
  • Uses a tutorial style that progresses with each chapter
  • Filled with helpful tips and tricks throughout the book
  • Will help you design buildings faster, more easily and more beautifully

Creo Parametric 3.0 Advanced Tutorial

Published July 21, 2015
272 pages
  • Uses concise, individual, step-by-step tutorials
  • Covers the most important advanced features, commands, and functions of Creo Parametric
  • Explains not only how but also why commands are used
  • Contains an ongoing project throughout the book

Autodesk Revit 2016 MEP Fundamentals

Published July 21, 2015
686 pages
  • Learn to create 3D Parametric models of MEP systems using Autodesk Revit
  • Introduces you to the basics of HVAC, electrical, piping/plumbing and more
  • Learn to create construction documents, create schedules and add details with Autodesk Revit
  • Takes you through the basics of a complete MEP project

An Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2015

Published July 13, 2015
340 pages
  • Step-by-step tutorials cover the creation of parts, setup and calculations with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
  • Covers fluid mechanics, fluid flow and heat transfer simulations
  • Results are compared to analytical solutions and empirical data
  • Features a chapter on Flow Past a Model Rocket

Designing with Creo Parametric 3.0

Published July 8, 2015
544 pages
  • Focuses on applying Creo Parametric as a design tool
  • Design intent is referenced and used throughout the book
  • Uses graphically rich step by step tutorials throughout the text
  • Contains extensive chapters on dimensioning and engineering drawings
  • Includes an introduction to Creo Simulate

Creo Simulate 3.0 Tutorial

Published June 29, 2015
320 pages
  • Written for first time FEA and Creo Simulate users
  • Uses simple examples with step-by-step tutorials
  • Explains the relation of commands to the overall FEA philosophy
  • Both 2D and 3D problems are treated

Engineering & Computer Graphics Workbook Using SOLIDWORKS 2015

Published June 29, 2015
256 pages
  • An exercise based workbook using step-by-step tutorials teaches you to use SOLIDWORKS 2015
  • Designed for use in an undergraduate engineering course
  • Based on the concurrent engineering design process
  • Covers modeling, finite elements, assembly modeling, kinematic simulation, rapid prototyping and projecting engineering drawings

Tools for Design Using AutoCAD 2016 and Autodesk Inventor 2016

Published June 26, 2015
656 pages
  • Designed for students that want to learn AutoCAD and Inventor 2016 and are completely new to CAD
  • Covers 2D drawing, 3D modeling, assembly modeling, freehand sketching and finite element analysis
  • Uses step-by-step instructions throughout the book
  • Includes three assembly projects using three popular robot kits
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