Introduction to Culinary Arts Management

Safety, Recipes and Certification

Published May 29, 2023
324 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-63057-622-6


Key Features

  • Unique format combines culinary arts and food safety essentials in one package
  • Supports many learning styles with a variety of study resources, activities and videos
  • Includes a workbook with practice exam software, videos, exercises, and recipe worksheets
  • This edition has been fully updated for the 2022 FDA Food Code
  • The coursebook and workbook used together provide complete culinary arts and certification preparation

In Detail

With each chapter and recipe you complete in Introduction to Culinary Arts Management: Safety, Recipes and Certification and the included Workbook, you will make delicious food and practice safe food handling measures until they become second nature. Unique among culinary arts textbooks, this coursebook combines culinary arts and food safety in one text, emphasizing the science behind foodborne illness. Engaging hands-on activities and instructional videos included in the workbook allow you to apply and remember proper preventative measures to keep food safe using the standards set by the U.S. FDA Food Code. Used together or separately, this coursebook and the workbook provide a full semester’s curriculum, perfect for culinary arts students at any level.

Introduction to Culinary Arts Management takes you behind the scenes of the foodservice industry. It starts with an overview of culinary arts careers and the restaurant business. The rest of the book emphasizes the importance of eliminating and preventing pathogens, allergens and contaminants that can lead to foodborne illness. Learn how to receive and store food; use, clean, and sanitize equipment; control pests; manage a crisis; train staff on all these topics; and more.

Many learning styles are supported. Reader-friendly chapters include key terms, objectives, and end-of-chapter review questions. Charts, images and examples explain U.S. food laws and regulations, food safety procedures and what to look for when handling food. With the included recipe videos that emphasize information learned in the text, chapter review videos, companion workbook, 130 flashcards, practice exam, and exam day study guide, you can study the way that fits you best. The workbook includes a code for access to supporting videos and the practice exam.

Practice Exam Software

The Workbook includes access to practice exam software. This practice exam is a timed and graded, ninety question, ninety-minute exam. The practice exam is designed to get you familiar with the actual exam, the type of questions to expect and how to manage your time when taking the exam.

When you complete the practice exam, you are immediately provided a passing or failing grade, and your results are broken down by chapters, showing you where to focus your study time. A detailed report further reveals which questions were answered incorrectly. The practice exam covers all the objective domains from the actual exam, and each section randomly draws questions from a huge question bank, ensuring the quiz is unique every time you run it.

Using the included practice exam will help ensure you are prepared and ready to conquer the actual exam, so you ace it on your very first try.

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Each chapter includes a video covering the recipe from the coursebook as well as an end-of-chapter review video. The recipe videos interweave relevant content from throughout the chapter with recipe preparation steps to make learning these topics more engaging while also demonstrating their practical use in the kitchen. The end-of-chapter videos cover food safety topics, culinary arts, food safety manager certification topics, and review sample exam questions.

The Importance of Certification

Food safety is paramount at any food establishment, and every employee must thoroughly understand safe food handling. Certification verifies to an employer that you have had food safety training, ensuring you know the guidelines and regulations for preparing and working with food. It can also help you advance or get hired into the position you’ve always wanted in the food service industry and enhance your potential to earn a higher income. This book focuses on objectives specific to the certification exam to help you study for and pass the exam and give you a solid basis for your culinary career.

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