The Food Protection Manager’s Handbook

Your Essential Guide to Certification

Published February 23, 2024
Beginner - Intermediate
304 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-63057-650-9


Key Features

  • Prepares you for any ANSI-accredited Food Preparation Manager exam
  • Provides a variety of study materials to support a range of learning styles
  • Practice exam software simulates the real exam with 90 timed questions
  • Includes full chapter videos to introduce material in a visual format
  • Interactive end of chapter quizzes reinforce material learned in the chapter
  • Can be used for first time certification or those looking for recertification

In Detail

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the information covered in the Food Protection Manager certification exam, employ your secret recipe for success: the Food Protection Manager’s Handbook. Just like your favorite dish, this handbook is well-presented, easily digestible, and full of all the necessary ingredients to help you ace the exam and ensure your place as an integral part of your food safety team. Beginner accessible, but also ideal for professionals who are looking to certify or recertify as a food protection manager, this handbook concentrates on exactly what you need to know in each exam category. The FDA Food Code is the basis for everything you will learn. Become better versed in all aspects of food safety, pass the food protection manager certification exam with ease, gain career-boosting credentials, and ensure the success of your food establishment with the Food Protection Manager’s Handbook.

Quick recall is everything, both with food safety measures and when taking an exam. The Food Protection Manager’s Handbook design helps you study and remember what you’ve learned. Each topic starts with a brief introduction, key terms and objectives, and ends with chapter review questions to check comprehension. Encode and store information in your memory with mnemonic aids, charts, textboxes, and graphics and photos that bring the material to life. The glossary contains all the words in orange. Food Code section references in the margins tell you exactly where to look for further information on a topic.

Prepare for the exam and master the steps taken to handle, prepare, and store food while avoiding all kinds of contamination. Confidently identify pathogens and allergens and apply food safety controls. Immerse yourself in the day-to-day activities and concerns of a food establishment: sources and receiving of food, food service, cleaning and sanitizing, facility and equipment, and pest control. Learn to comply with all regulations and inspections, how to plan for a crisis and train staff. Reinforce your learning with the included chapter videos, and take the practice exam as many times as you need to.

End of Chapter Quizzes

Take a fun, interactive quiz at the end of every chapter, at any time. The quizzes are ten questions each and untimed, so you have time to think. Click the review quiz button to immediately see how your answers compare to the correct ones. Click to get a detailed report with your score, the time it took you to take the quiz, and a list of questions marked correct or incorrect. The quiz questions emphasize the most important information in each chapter. These short, enjoyable quizzes help anchor the information in your memory to make it easy for you to transfer what you learn to your job in the food service industry and to obtain your food protection manager certification. They also help identify gaps in your knowledge that you can then review in the Handbook or the included chapter videos.


More than just a simple study aid, the video included for each chapter of the Food Protection Manager Handbook recounts all the information from the chapter in detail. Let Chef Dominic Hawkes, Master Chef of Great Britain and member of the American Culi¬nary Federation, lead you through best practices for food safety, Food Code rules and regulations, and the science behind them. With or without closed captioning, you can pause, rewind, take notes and absorb the information at your convenience. These videos fit with any learning style and any schedule. Watch the videos and use the textbook as a reference guide, or rather than sit through a day of classes, use the videos to learn at your own pace. Learn during your commute or on your lunch break. These videos are a practical and entertaining way to study and memorize crucial food safety information and pass the food protection manager certification exam.

Practice Exam Software

The practice exam software included with the Food Protection Manager Handbook is the best way to alleviate test anxiety and prepare for the real exam. Download the software and take the practice exam on your own computer. The practice exam format and questions imitate the real exam with 90 questions in 90 minutes and a passing score of 70%. If you like, take the practice exam multiple times. A bank of 300+ questions ensures each practice exam is different. After submitting your answers, the results appear right away. You can review the quiz to see exactly which questions you did or did not answer correctly, and you can get a detailed report of the quiz, so you know which chapters to focus on. You know passing the food protection manager certification exam has the potential to change your life and career for the better, and this excellent practice exam can help you achieve that goal.

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