Yves Gagnon M.A.Sc.


Yves Gagnon, M.A.Sc. is originally from Matane, Quebec (Canada). He is a former instructor at Okanagan University College in beautiful Kelowna, located in British Columbia (Canada).

He lives in Nelson BC; near three world class ski resorts where he can perform his passions: kiteboarding and snowboarding.

He taught the subjects of Materials, Mechanics of Solids, Manufacturing Processes and CAD (Pro/ENGINEER®) and FEA (Pro/MECHANICA®) for the Mechanical Engineering Technology Department.

He presently freelances in Finite Element Analysis for different companies. Yves completed a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Specialisation: Materials Science) from the University of Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada).

He completed his bachelor’s of engineering degree from Royal Military College of Canada (Kingston, Ontario, Canada).

Yves’ experience is mainly in automotive and trucking, but he also performed as a test engineer through the military (aerospace). He also worked in the automotive fuel cell industry where he participated in R&D and design projects, acting as a Finite Element Analyst.

He still to this day performs projects for the industry, acting as a FEA consultant (mostly in British Columbia and Alberta), motorcycling, snowboarding and kiteboarding.