Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Books

All Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5.0 books come with the with the Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5.0 Student Edition software when ordered by a school.

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Parametric Modeling with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0

Published December 9, 2009
432 pages
  • Introductory level and tutorial style
  • Covers Pro/ENGINEER and parametric modeling with hands on tutorials
  • New in this edition is coverage of Pro/Animation and Advanced Assembly Modeling

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Advanced Tutorial

Published December 8, 2009
266 pages
  • Uses concise, individual, step-by-step tutorials
  • Covers the most important advanced features, commands, and functions of Pro|Engineer
  • Explains not only how but also why commands are used
  • Contains an ongoing project throughout the book

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Tutorial and MultiMedia CD

Published August 31, 2009
416 pages
  • Designed for novice users
  • Uses step-by-step tutorials
  • Includes a multimedia CD with video tutorials
  • Explains not only how but also why commands are used
  • Covers part and assembly creation, creating engineering drawings and parametric solid modeling
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