Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD 2022 Books

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Introduction to AutoCAD 2022 for Civil Engineering Applications

Published October 11, 2021
838 pages
  • Combines the theory of engineering graphics and the use of AutoCAD 2022
  • Designed specifically for civil engineering students
  • Uses clearly defined objectives and step-by-step instructions
  • This edition features a new chapter on annotations and many other enhancements

Engineering Graphics Essentials with AutoCAD 2022 Instruction

Published August 26, 2021
954 pages
  • Covers both engineering graphics and AutoCAD 2022
  • Each book includes videos, audio lectures, interactive quizzes and more
  • Numerous exercises are used throughout the book to reinforce key concepts
  • Includes hand sketching exercises

Technical Drawing 101 with AutoCAD 2022

Published August 9, 2021
564 pages
  • Blends technical drawing and an introduction to AutoCAD 2022
  • Covers both mechanical and architectural projects
  • Twenty six hours of video instruction is included with each book
  • Drafting theory is incorporated throughout the text
  • Designed to be used in a single semester, instructor led course
  • Each chapter contains key terms, unit summaries, review questions and drawing projects

Principles and Practice An Integrated Approach to Engineering Graphics and AutoCAD 2022

Published July 29, 2021
606 pages
  • Unifies engineering graphics with AutoCAD 2022 instruction into one book
  • Uses a tutorial style with numerous exercises and review questions
  • Designed for classroom use
  • Covers the AutoCAD Certified User Exam
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