Automating SOLIDWORKS 2017 Using Macros

A guide to creating VSTA macros using the Visual Basic.NET Language

Available February 17, 2017
400 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-63057-084-2


Key Features

  • Designed to teach you how to develop macros for SOLIDWORKS and the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup and Enterprise PDM
  • Covers many of the major API functions through practical use cases
  • Focuses on the Visual Studio Tools for Applications macro interface
  • Features improved code structure to promote best-practices
  • Fully revised for the SOLIDWORKS 2017 API calls

In Detail

Automating SOLIDWORKS 2017 Using Macros is designed as a tutorial to help beginner to intermediate programmers develop macros for SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Workgroup or Enterprise PDM. The focus of this book is primarily on the Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) macro interface. It covers many of the major API functions through practical use cases. It teaches many Visual Basic.NET fundamentals as well as SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Workgroup or Enterprise PDM and Excel API functions. The Author has also added a chapter dedicated to some of his favorite source code for you to use as the basis for typical automation procedures.

What you'll learn

  • Record macros
  • Control Custom Properties
  • Create parts and features
  • Build assemblies
  • Batch create drawings
  • Extract information from PDM
  • Create many other time saving utilities

New to this edition

The entire text has been updated to use the latest SOLIDWORKS API methods. Additionally, the Macro code structure has been improved in many chapters to encourage programming best practices.

Table of Contents

  1. Macro Basics
  2. One Button PDF Publishing
  3. Model Dimensions Using Excel VBA
  4. Controlling Options
  5. Material Properties
  6. Custom Properties
  7. Model Creation
  8. Data Import and Export
  9. Drawing Automation
  10. Notes, Annotations and Tables
  11. Add Assembly Components
  12. Working with File References
  13. Document Manager API
  14. PropertyManager Pages
  15. Using SOLIDWORKS Events in Macros
  16. Creating Add-Ins from Macros
  17. Workgroup PDM API Basics
  18. Extract Workgroup PDM Documents
  19. Workgroup PDM Check In
  20. PDM Professional API Basics
  21. PDM Professional Files and Variables
  22. PDM Professional Bills of Materials
  23. Favorite Code Examples


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