Write for SDC Publications

Dear Friend,

This is your invitation to consider publishing your textbook with SDC Publications. In the course of this letter I will describe our publishing focus and policies. If you find our approach appeals to you, please give me a call and we can discuss your interests in detail.

Our target market is education. We specialize in publishing textbooks for student use in courses. Our textbooks are generally tutorial in style. We focus on taking students through an exercise in order to give them an understanding of the process. We do not publish reference books or “tips” books because they are generally ill suited for course use.

Our current focus is the publication of textbooks for engineering graphics and CAD. We are also seeking to expand to offer textbooks for CAM, FEA, 3D animation and interior design.

SDC works with the authors on a royalty basis. I believe that we offer one of the highest royalty rates in the publishing arena. We want to pay a high royalty rate because we wish to recognize the fact that the author is the creative engine in the publishing process. We are able to pay a high royalty because our business approach is to keep everything as simple as possible in the editorial, sales, and marketing areas. We do not employ sales representatives to visit teachers. We do not have corporate overhead.

Our books are moderately priced. Our average net (wholesale) price is around $35.00 our most expensive book carries a net price of $42.00. We feel that the education market is best served by textbooks that are within the price range of all students.

All of our books that cover software packages contain the release number of the software in the title of the book. We do this in order to better serve our customers. We want educators to be able to choose the version of the book that matches the version of the software that is being used by their institution. This approach places a burden on the author. If you wish to publish with SDC, you must be willing to commit yourself to revising your book with each new release of the software.

If you are at all interested in writing for us I urge you to contact us to learn more about writing for SDC Publications. Even if you have just an idea for a book we are happy to help solidify your ideas, assist you with your books development, and ultimately create a great book people will want to buy. Eventually you should have the following information for a book proposal.

Information needed for book proposals

  • Proposed title
  • Subtitle
  • Author(s)
  • Author's professional background/biography/resume
  • Previous writing experience
  • Brief description of your book
  • Key features and selling points
  • Intended audience
  • Will the book include a CD and if so what will be on it?
  • Approximate length
  • Table of contents
  • Sample of writing, preferably a sample chapter from this book
  • Has this book ever been published before? When and by whom?
  • How does your book differ from competing books?
  • Writing schedule

Topics we are seeking authors for include

  • Construction Management
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Programming (Java, C++, C#)
  • 3D Animation

If you have an interest in publishing with SDC, please call me at 913-262-2664 or if you prefer, send a note to and I will call you at your convenience.

Thank you.
Stephen Schroff