Godfrey Onwubolu Ph.D.


Dr. Godfrey Onwubolu teaches computer-aided design (CAD) using SolidWorks and engineering analysis using SolidWorks at Humber Institute of Technology and Advance Learning, Toronto, Canada.

He holds a BEng degree in mechanical engineering, and both an MSc and PhD from Aston University, Birmingham, England, where he first developed a geometric modeling system for his graduate studies.

He worked in a number of manufacturing companies in the West Midlands, England, and he was a professor of manufacturing engineering, having taught courses in engineering design and manufacturing for several years before joining Humber.

He has published several books with international publishing companies, such as Imperial College Press, Elsevier, and Springer-Verlag, and has published over 120 articles in international journals. He is an active Senior Member of both the American Society of Manufacturing Engineers (ASMfgE) and the American Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE).