Engineering & Computer Graphics Workbook Using SOLIDWORKS 2019


Key Features

  • Fully revised for SOLIDWORKS 2019
  • An exercise based workbook using step-by-step tutorials teaches you to use SOLIDWORKS 2019
  • Designed for use in an undergraduate engineering course
  • Based on the concurrent engineering design process
  • Covers modeling, finite elements, assembly modeling, kinematic simulation, rapid prototyping and projecting engineering drawings

In Detail

Engineering & Computer Graphics Workbook Using SOLIDWORKS 2019 is an exercise-based workbook that uses step-by-step tutorials to cover the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS 2019. The intended audience is college undergraduate engineering majors, but it could also be used in pre-college introductory engineering courses or by self learners.

The text follows an educational paradigm that was researched and developed by the authors over many years. The paradigm is based on the concurrent engineering approach to engineering design in which the 3-D solid model data serves as the central hub for all aspects of the design process. The workbook systematically instructs the students to develop 3-D models using the rich tools afforded in SOLIDWORKS. The exercises then proceed to instruct the students on applications of the solid model to design analysis using finite elements, to assembly modeling and checking, to kinematic simulation, to rapid prototyping, and finally to projecting an engineering drawing.

The workbook is ideally suited for courses in which a reverse engineering design project is assigned. This book contains clear and easy to understand instructions that enable the students to robustly learn the main features of SOLIDWORKS, with little or no instructor input.

Table of Contents

  1. Computer Graphics Labs:
  2. 2-D Computer Sketching I
  3. 2-D Computer Sketching II
  4. 3-D Solid Modeling of Parts I
  5. 3-D Solid Modeling of Parts II
  6. Assembly Modeling and Mating
  7. Analysis and Design Modification I
  8. Analysis and Design Modification II
  9. Kinematics Animation and Rapid Prototyping
  10. Section Views in 3-D and 2-D
  11. Generating and Dimensioning Three-View Drawings
    Appendix A: Example of a TitleBlock with Dimensions

Product Details

Published August 15, 2019
248 Pages
Binding: Paperback
Printing: Black and White
Print ISBN: 978-1-63057-219-8 | ISBN 10: 1630572195
eBook ISBN: 978-1-63056-476-6
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