Design Process Hand Sketching for Interiors

Developing Visual Illustration Techniques

Published April 25, 2013
157 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-825-1


Key Features

  • Designed to develop your student’s hand-sketching skills
  • Topics covered include plans, elevations, sections, 3D illustrations, bubble diagramming and information graphics
  • Illustrated using full color graphics

In Detail

This book is designed to develop your student’s hand-sketching skills. The book will enhance your students basic knowledge of drawing techniques they can use throughout the educational “design process.” A review of basic drawing types is discussed in Ideation Chapters 2 through 4. The text is also intended to be a visual resource to aid design students. Various types of visual presentation techniques used to portray concepts are demonstrated. The practice of creating hand-sketched concept presentations is still viewed as an important design process and the building blocks prior to final CAD-generated documents.

One course in hand drafting and/or sketching is not enough experience for the student learner; it must be fostered, developed and practiced in subsequent coursework that enhances the design process. Hand-sketching techniques for plans, elevations, sections, various 3-dimensional illustrations, millwork and construction details are covered in the book. Also covered are important issues used in the initial design processes of bubble diagramming, block and space plans. The topics of information graphics, delineations, and visual composition are addressed to enhance the visual communication of preliminary design concepts. Ideation Chapter 10 is a series of copyright-free line drawings your students can use to explore skill building through practice exercises referenced within each chapter. The book will be a valuable resource for each student’s educational career, as well as a refresher from time-to-time during their professional endeavors.

Table of Contents

  1. Ideation Chapter 1

    Hand-sketching: a metamorphosis of the design process

  2. Ideation Chapter 2

    Overview: Design Process Continuum for Concept Sketching
    Bubble diagramming
    Self-exploration inspiration sketching
    Initial concept sketching
    Peer review
    Design development and construction documents (CD’s)
    Portfolio and marketing illustrations

  3. Ideation Chapter 3

    Bubble diagrams (symbols, shapes, and sizing)
    Written information
    Graphic creativity
    Custom lettering
    Color and enhancement applications
    Grid scaling for 2 and 3-dimensional illustrations
    Space block plans
    Schematic plans and elevations

  4. Ideation Chapter 4

    3-D pictorials
    One-point perspectives
    Two-point perspectives
    “Bird’s-eye” illustrations
    Furniture detailing: isometrics
    Millwork and construction component detailing

  5. Ideation Chapter 5

    Delineation enhancements
    Material “surfacing”
    Materials in “section”
    “surprise illustration topic”
    Scale detailing
    Light sources and feature accent highlights
    Quick color, why not?

  6. Ideation Chapter 6

    Information and line graphics
    What information is appropriate to convey the illustrations?
    Font styles and sizes
    Visual connections and orientation
    Color and delineation, why not?

  7. Ideation Chapter 7

    When is enough, enough?
    Levels of visual complexity

  8. Ideation Chapter 8

    Portfolio of illustration applications
    Plans and elevations
    Building sections and construction details
    Millwork and furnishings

  9. Ideation Chapter 9

    Sketching medium resources

  10. Ideation Chapter 10

    Copyright-free exercises to explore hand-sketching techniques and visual enhancements

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Published April 25, 2013
157 Pages
Binding: Spiral Bound
Printing: Color
Print ISBN: 978-1-58503-825-1 | ISBN 10: 1585038253
eBook ISBN: 978-1-63056-009-6
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