AutoCAD 2009 Tutorial - Second Level: 3D Modeling

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Published July 1, 2008
298 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-434-5


The primary goal of AutoCAD 2009 Tutorial - Second Level: 3D Modeling is to introduce the aspects of Computer Based Three Dimensional Modeling. This text is intended to be used as a training guide for both students and professionals.

This book covers AutoCAD 2009 and the chapters proceed in a pedagogical fashion to guide you from constructing 3D wire frame models, 3D surface models, and 3D solid models to making multiview drawings. This text takes a hands-on, exercise-intensive approach to the important 3D modeling techniques and concepts. This book contains a series of eleven tutorial style chapters designed to introduce CAD users to 3D modeling with AutoCAD 2009. This text is also helpful to AutoCAD users upgrading from a previous release of the software.

The basic premise of this book is that the more 3D designs you create using AutoCAD 2009 the better you learn the software. With this in mind each tutorial introduces a new set of commands and concepts, building on previous chapters. This book will establish a good basis for exploring and growing in the exciting field of Computer Aided Engineering.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. User Coordinate System (UCS)and the Z-axis
  3. 3D Wireframe Modeling
  4. UCS, Viewports and Wireframe Modeling
  5. 3D Surface Modeling
  6. Solid Modeling - Constructive Solid Geometry
  7. Regions, Extrude and Solid Modeling
  8. Multiview Drawings from 3D Models
  9. Symmetrical Features in Designs
  10. Advanced Modeling Tools and Techniques
  11. Conceptual Design Tools and Techniques

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Published July 1, 2008
298 Pages
Binding: Paperback
Printing: Black and White
Print ISBN: 978-1-58503-434-5 | ISBN 10: 1585034347
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