SolidWorks 2015 Part I - Basic Tools

Parts, Assemblies and Drawings

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Published December 12, 2014
768 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-943-2


Key Features

  • Starts at an introductory level designed for beginners
  • Comprehensive coverage of beginning to intermediate tools and techniques
  • Uses a step by step, tutorial approach with real world projects
  • Covers the creation of parts, assemblies and drawings
  • Features a quick reference guide and a Certified SolidWorks Associate practice exam

In Detail

SolidWorks 2015 Part I - Basic Tools introduces new users to the SolidWorks interface, SolidWorks tools and basic modeling techniques. It provides readers with a strong understanding of SolidWorks and covers the creation of parts, assemblies and drawings. Every lesson and exercise in this book was created based on real world projects. Each of these projects has been broken down and developed into easy and comprehensible steps for the reader. Furthermore, at the end of every chapter there are self test questionnaires to ensure that the reader has gained sufficient knowledge from each section before moving on to more advanced lessons. This book takes the approach that in order to understand SolidWorks, inside and out, the reader should create everything from the beginning and take it step by step.

Who this book is for

This book is for the beginner, who is not familiar with the SolidWorks program and its add ins.

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction: SolidWorks 2015 User Interface
  • Setting the System Parameters

    1. System Options
    2. Document Templates
  • Basic Modeling Topics

    1. Basic Solid Modeling - Extrude Options
    2. Basic Solid Modeling - Extrude & Revolve
    3. Revolved Parts - Ball Joint Arm
      Derived Sketches - Center Ball Joint
    4. Rib & Shell Features - Formed Tray
      Using Shell and Mirror
      Using the Intersect Feature
    5. Linear Patterns - Test Tray
      Circular Patterns - Spur Gear
      Circular Patterns - Circular Base Mount
      Curve Driven Patterns & Hole Wizard
    6. Part Configuration - Machined Block
      Contour Selection
    7. Modeling Threads - Threaded Insert
      Working with MultiBody Parts
    8. Bottom Up Assembly - Ball Joint Assembly
      Bottom Up Assembly - Links Assembly
    9. Using Advanced Mates
      Limit and Cam Mates
      Radial Explode
      Using Smart Mates
    10. Layout Assembly
      SolidWorks Animator - The Basics
      Working with Sketch Pictures
    11. Working with Sketch Pictures
      PhotoView360 Basics
  • Drawing Topics

    1. Drawing Preparations
    2. Assembly Drawings - Links Assembly
      Assembly Drawing - Alternate Position View
    3. Drawing Views - Machined Block
    4. Detailing - Machined Block Details
    5. Sheet Metal Drawings - Post Cap
      2D to 3D - Convert AutoCAD into SolidWorks
      e-Drawings - Soft Lock Assembly
    6. Configurations Part I - Button Assembly
      Configurations Part II - Assembly & Drawing
    7. Design Tables
      Assembly - Design Tables
      Level 2 Final Exams
    8. using the Intersect Feature
      CSWA Core Preparation Practice
      SolidWorks 2015 Quick-Guides


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Product Details

Published December 12, 2014
768 Pages
Binding: Paperback
Printing: Black and White
Print ISBN: 978-1-58503-943-2 | ISBN 10: 1585039438
eBook ISBN: 978-1-63056-223-6
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