GibbsCAM Tutorial Version 2005

Out of Print
Published November 15, 2005
218 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-270-9


GibbsCAM Tutorial has 19 exercises for production mill, production mill with solids import, and lathe users. The exercises cover the following topics:

  1. Creating Geometry
  2. Importing 2D and 3D CAD Geometry
  3. The CAM Process
    • Setting up Tools
    • Creating Machining Operations
    • Simulation
    • Post Processing

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started in GibbsCAM
  2. Creating Geometry
  3. Importing CAD Geometry
  4. Mill
  5. Lathe
    Appendix A - Post Processing
    Appendix B - Tool List Summaries
    Appendix C - Operation Summaries


The author has provided several part files for GibbsCAM Tutorial. These files are compressed (zipped).

PLEASE NOTE: Before opening the part files in GibbsCAM, you first must browse to the file, select it with the right mouse button, choose Properties, and uncheck 'Read-only.'

Download File
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For additional information on downloading, unzipping, and using these files visit the downloads section on our FAQ page.

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