An Engineer's Introduction to Programming with MATLAB 2019

Published June 17, 2019
256 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-63057-292-1


Key Features

  • Designed for students with no computer programming background
  • Teaches computer programming concepts using the MATLAB environment
  • Uses a learn-by-doing tutorial approach
  • Extrapolates the MATLAB language to other popular programming languages
  • Now includes nearly three hours of video instruction

In Detail

This book accomplishes two things simultaneously: it teaches you to use the latest version of the powerful MATLAB programming environment, and it teaches you core, transferable programming skills that will make you feel at home with most procedural programming languages.

MATLAB has been in existence for more than 30 years and is used by millions of engineers, scientists, and students worldwide, both for its depth and its easy usability. With dozens of specialized toolboxes available beyond the core program, as well as its companion program Simulink for simulation and model-based design, MATLAB can serve as an invaluable aid throughout your career.

Unlike many MATLAB books, ours assumes no prior experience in computer programming. Using an approachable tone, we take you from the simplest variables through complex examples of data visualization and curve fitting. Each chapter builds on the last, presenting an in-depth tutorial on a focused concept central to programming, using the MATLAB language, but applicable to countless other popular and in-demand languages such as C++, Java, JavaScript, R, and Python. We'll ask you to perform short exercises as we work through each chapter, followed by more end-to-end exercises and mental challenges at the chapter's end. As the complexity of the concepts increases, the exercises present increasingly real-world engineering challenges to match.

Once you've completed An Engineer's Introduction to Programming with MATLAB 2019, you will have a solid foundation in computer programming forms and concepts and a comfort with the MATLAB environment and programming language. We believe that you'll enjoy both gaining and having that knowledge, and that you'll be able to use it almost immediately with your other coursework.

This book includes

  • Step-by-step tutorials written to help the novice user become proficient using MATLAB
  • A Getting Started chapter for configuring MATLAB for use with the tutorials
  • Organization and a level suitable for a first year introductory engineering course
  • Updates for the MATLAB 2019a release.
  • Tips offering suggestions and warnings as you progress through the book
  • Key Terms and Key Commands listed to recap important topics and commands learned in each tutorial
  • An index to help you easily look up topics
  • Exercises at the end of each tutorial providing challenges to a range of abilities.


The authors have recorded instructional videos to accompany this book. These videos go beyond the instruction in the book by expanding on topics and providing additional tips and information. The text and videos complement each other while also reinforcing key topics. There are 22 videos totaling nearly three hours of instruction.

Sample Video

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Introduction to MATLAB
  3. Programming Basics: Operators & Variables
  4. Programming Basics: Arrays, Structures & Tables
  5. Programming Basics: Looping and Conditionals
  6. Matrices
  7. Functions and Scripts
  8. Debugging and Error Handling
  9. Importing and Exporting Data
  10. Plotting and Data Visualization
  11. MATLAB ToolBoxes: Curve Fitting
  12. Symbolic Math


The downloadable videos that go along with this book are currently in production. We will be posting them as they become available. We expect them to be completed in August. Please check back for updates.

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Product Details

Published June 17, 2019
256 Pages
Binding: Paperback
Printing: Black and White
Print ISBN: 978-1-63057-292-1 | ISBN 10: 1630572926
eBook ISBN: 978-1-63056-520-6

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