Book Errata

Tutorial Guide to AutoCAD 2015

2D Drawing, 3D Modeling

Published June 6, 2014
704 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-874-9


Chapter 1 Page 8

TIP: Clean Screen does not erase the screen but reduces clutter (menus etc)

Chapter 4 Page 176

Color 120 is a teal color; 94 is a dark green.

Chapter 5 Page 240

Click: to close mytemplate.dwg This should be mytemplate.dwt.

Chapter 10 Page 400

Bottom of page: Refer to Figure 10.2 Should be the margin figure (no number). 10.2 does not show the insertion point.

Chapter 10 Page 414

Text discusses making changes to NEW-CIRCUIT group, however the diagrams all show the EXISTING-CIRCUIT figure 10.22

Chapter 11 Page 464

Mid-way down the page: On your own save your drawing, extrusn.dwt This should be extrusn.dwg

Chapter 12 Page 505

Half-way down the page: Double click: the upper left pictorial view This should be the upper right pictorial view.

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