Book Errata

SolidWorks 2014 Part I - Basic Tools

Parts, Assemblies and Drawings

Published December 20, 2013
727 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-853-4


Chapter 6 Page 16

Page 6-16 says "click Extruded Cut" but it is supposed to say "click Extruded Boss-Base".

Chapter 9 Page 20

The image on the top of page 9-20 does not show the fillet created in previous steps. When creating the Helix in step 11 be sure to select the Inner Circular Edge. The image on the bottom right of page 9-20 shows the fillet and the area where the Helix is to be created.

Chapter 11 Page 3

The outer curved-edge of the tooth should be used instead of the Construction Circle.

Chapter 11 Page 3

Under the step number 4, paragraph 3, the instruction should say to "Move the Rack to create a gap between the teeth."

Chapter 11 Page 12

Should say 90 deg for Maximum and 0 deg for Minimum. The screenshot is correct.

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