Book Errata

SolidWorks 2012 Part I - Basic Tools

Parts, Assemblies and Drawings

Out of Print
Published December 6, 2011
643 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-696-7


Chapter 4 Page 4-8

Step 8: The text in the step says to "Enter .032 in for Radius" however the image nearby shows the amount to 4 decimal places as .0325. Three decimal places were used throughout the book, please continue to use 3 decimals for this Radius Dimension (R.032") on this and subsequent pages.

Chapter 6 Page 6-6

Step no. 5: The note with the leader line that says "Sketch Face" should be attached to the surface below the circular boss in of the main body, (the 2nd surface from the top) instead of the top surface.

Chapter 11 Page 11-1

Chapter 11 asks you to open the assembly named Rack & Pinion Mates from the Rack & Pinion folder. The file Gear1 was accidentally left out of this folder. We have made this file available as a download.

Chapter 11 Page 11-15

The second item under the notes section should say: "Create a Coincident mate between the Front plane of the of the CamBase and the Front plane of the CamPart3".

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