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SolidWorks 2010 Part I - Basic Tools

Out of Print
Published May 3, 2010
541 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-577-9

A pdf version of these corrections, with images, is available for download.


Chapter 7 Page 7-39

Step 8:

- Click Hole-Wizard.

- Select/Enter the following:

* Standard: Ansi Inch
* Type: Flat Head Screw (100).
* Size: 1/4”
* Fit: Normal
* End Condition: Blind
* Depth: 1.250”

(Do not click OK just yet).

- Click the Position tab.

- Click the 3D Sketch button.

This step activates the the Point command, which will be used to create the center of the hole.

- With the Point command selected, click approximately as indicated to place the center of the 1st hole

- This is a 3D sketch hole it should be created on a surface and later, snapped to the midpoint of a line to fully define it.

- Add a Midpoint relation between the Centerpoint of the hole and the horizontal line as noted.

- The C’sink should be fully defined at this point.

- Click OK to close out of the Hole-Wizard mode.

Step 9:

- Click Curve Driven Pattern under the Linear Pattern drop down list.

- For Pattern- Direction, select the Curve2 from the Feature tree.

- Enter 30 for Number of Instances.

- Enable the Equal- Spacing check box.

- Enable: Transform Curve and Tangent to Curve

- In the Features to Pattern dialog, select the C’sink hole from the Feature tree.

- Click OK.

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