Book Errata

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Advanced Techniques

Mastering Parts, Surfaces, Sheet Metal, SimulationXpress, Top-Down Assemblies, Core & Cavity Molds

Published October 25, 2017
752 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-63057-160-3


Chapter 9 Page 6

Step 5 should read: “…repeat step number 4 to create the 2nd split line” (not step number 3).

Chapter 9 Page 11

Step 14 should read: “…repeat from step number 6 to create the 2nd ruled surface” (not step 8).

Chapter 13 Page 30

Step 15 should read: “…while the side surface is still highlighted” (not highlighting).

Chapter 15 Page 25

Step 6 should read: “…thicken to Both Sides” (not Mid Plane).

Chapter 16 Page 38

Step 17 should read: “…The Fillet Bead icon may need to be added if missing from the Weldments toolbar”.

Chapter 17 Page 7

Step 5 should show the Center Rectangle icon, not the Corner Rectangle icon.

Chapter 17 Page 8

Step 6. Creating the Tooling Split. In order for the dialog to appear, the sketch must first be selected.

Chapter 17 Page 10

Step 8 beneath the "- Enter Core remote Control" and "Click Save" There should also be a "Click OK" and "Click Yes" instruction.

Chapter 17 Page 11

Step 9 should read “… Under the Translate section, in the Delta Y field, enter 4.00in and press Enter”.

Chapter 18 Page 7

Just before step 6 there should be a "Click OK" instruction

Chapter 18 Page 19

Just before step step 17 there should be a "Click OK" instruction

Chapter 19 Page 3

Step 2 should read: “To rename the part, EXIT the sketch, right click on…”

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