Project Based SOLIDWORKS 2021

Published March 18, 2021
378 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-63057-402-4


Key Features

  • Intended for users completely new to SOLIDWORKS
  • Designed to complement an engineering graphics course
  • Uses a project based approach throughout the book
  • Includes over ten hours of video instruction

In Detail

Project Based SOLIDWORKS is specifically designed to complement an engineering graphics course. It covers how to apply engineering graphics concepts, such as part prints, section views, assembly drawings, tolerancing and fasteners. It also extends these topics into the world of design.

Project Based SOLIDWORKS takes a specific part or assembly and teaches you how to model each part and its configurations, create part prints including assembly drawings if appropriate, and takes it one step further and teaches concepts such as FEA, tolerancing, and parametric design.

This book comes with instructional videos showing you how to perform each of the tutorials. It also comes with instructional videos showing how to complete each problem in the book. The exception to this is when a problem is open ended and each student will get different results.

After completing all the tutorials in this book, you will be able to design moderately difficult parts and assemblies in a realistic manner. This book is perfect for a freshman design class that wishes to include realistic design problems within their curriculum.


Project Based SOLIDWORKS is arranged in projects. For example, Chapter two deals with the modeling of a Connecting Rod, Chapter three continues with the connecting rod to introduce the concept of configurations, Chapter four creates a part print of the connecting rod, and Chapter five wraps up the project by performing a static FEA on the connecting rod. At the beginning of each chapter a list of prerequisite tutorials or knowledge is listed. You do not necessarily need to complete the tutorials within the book in order, but make sure that you have the prerequisite knowledge before you begin.

Topics covered

The following topics are covered in this book.

  • Part modeling
  • Part configurations
  • Assembly
  • Static FEA
  • Part Prints
  • Assembly drawings
  • Fasteners
  • Tolerancing
  • Parametric Modeling
  • 3D-sketches


Project Based SOLIDWORKS comes with over ten hours of video instruction. These videos follow along with the book and complement the text perfectly. Videos for each tutorial and problem in the book are provided. Additional videos on specific, difficult topics are also included. Captioned versions of these videos are also available for customers who want or need video captions.

Sample Video