Parametric Modeling with Autodesk Inventor 2021

Available June 24, 2020
618 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-63057-360-7


Key Features

  • Designed specifically for beginners with no prior CAD experience
  • Uses a hands-on, exercise-intensive, tutorial style approach
  • Comes with extensive video instruction
  • Covers parametric modeling, 3D Modeling, 3D printing, and the Autodesk Inventor Certified User Exam
  • Contains a chapter introducing you to stress analysis

In Detail

Parametric Modeling with Autodesk Inventor 2021 contains a series of seventeen tutorial style lessons designed to introduce Autodesk Inventor, solid modeling, and parametric modeling. It uses a hands-on, exercise-intensive approach to all the important parametric modeling techniques and concepts.

The lessons guide the user from constructing basic shapes to building intelligent mechanical designs, to creating multi-view drawings and assembly models. Other featured topics include sheet metal design, motion analysis, 2D design reuse, collision and contact, stress analysis, 3D printing and the Autodesk Inventor 2021 Certified User Examination.

Video Training

Included with every new copy of this book is access to extensive video training. The video training parallels the exercises found in the text and are designed to be watched first before following the instructions in the book. However, the videos do more than just provide you with click by click instructions. Author Luke Jumper also includes a brief discussion of each tool, as well as rich insight into why and how the tools are used. Luke isn’t just telling you what to do, he’s showing and explaining to you how to go through the exercises while providing clear descriptions of the entire process. It’s like having him there guiding you through the book.

These videos will provide you with a wealth of information and brings the text to life. They are also an invaluable resource for people who learn best through a visual experience. These videos deliver a comprehensive overview of the tools found in Autodesk Inventor and perfectly complement and reinforce the exercises in the book.

Autodesk Inventor 2021 Certified User Examination

The content of Parametric Modeling with Autodesk Inventor 2021 covers the performance tasks that have been identified by Autodesk as being included on the Autodesk Inventor 2021 Certified User examination. Special reference guides show students where the performance tasks are covered in the book.

For detailed information on the Autodesk Inventor Certified User examination visit

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Parametric Modeling Fundamentals
  3. Constructive Solid Geometry Concepts
  4. Model History Tree
  5. Parametric Constraints Fundamentals
  6. Geometric Construction Tools
  7. Parent/Child Relationships and the BORN Technique
  8. Part Drawings and 3D Model-Based Definition
  9. Datum Features and Auxiliary Views
  10. Introduction to 3D Printing
  11. Symmetrical Features in Designs
  12. Advanced 3D Construction Tools
  13. Sheet Metal Designs
  14. Assembly Modeling - Putting It All Together
  15. Content Center and Basic Motion Analysis
  16. 2D Design Reuse, Collision and Contact
  17. Introduction to Stress Analysis


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Product Details

Available June 24, 2020
618 Pages
Binding: Paperback
Printing: Black and White
Print ISBN: 978-1-63057-360-7 | ISBN 10: 1630573604
eBook ISBN: 978-1-63056-597-8
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