Book Errata

Learning SolidWorks 2012

Modeling, Assembly and Analysis

Out of Print
Published February 6, 2012
487 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-665-3


Chapter 3 Page 32

Exercise 3-3: There is a missing dimension on the front face (length of bottom of face)in the book. The missing dimension should be 3". This is the corrected image:

Chapter 6 Page 35

Step 11. Should say to change the dimension to .125.

Chapter 7 Page 8

In step 3, the "Select the CENTER command" should be "Select the Circle Command"

Chapter 8 Page 16

The current text "10. Inside the Model History tree, right-click once on the Base-Revolve to bring up the option menu." should be changed to "10. Inside the Model History tree, right-click once on the ToothCut to bring up the option menu."

Chapter 9 Page 6

Step 8, should say: "In the Extrude properties manager, set the extrude direction option to Mid Plane and enter 60mm as the extrusion distance"

Chapter 9 Page 31

Step 9 should specify a 26mm cut to match the associated screenshot.

Chapter 9 Page 35

At step 5, instead of the stating, "Create a cut feature," it should be "Create a boss/base extrude".

Chapter 9 Page 37

At step 11, a hole is to be placed in the corner, but the solid extrusion in the graphic is not mentioned earlier in the text. should say: "11. Create additional features at the rounded corner, first a cylindrical extruded (2mm) feature and then a cut feature for the 1.5 mm hole, depth 6 mm, as shown".

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