Book Errata

Learning Autodesk Inventor 2014

Modeling, Assembly and Analysis

Published June 4, 2013
485 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-796-4


Chapter 6 Page 13

The image next to step 17 contains a dimension of 5.000. This dimension is in degrees. Inventor does not show a degree symbol for the dimension.

Chapter 7 Page 7-29

Step No. 4 should say:
On your own, extrude 5 mm using the Symmetric option.

Chapter 8 Page 12

Step 11, the image should show internal checked.

Chapter 8 Page 43

For instruction 4, ISO pins might not be shown in Inventor by default. To correct this, the user should go to the pull-down menu and choose: Tools-->Filters-->ISO

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