Book Errata

Learning Autodesk Inventor 2012

Modeling, Analysis and Animation

Out of Print
Published January 13, 2012
485 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-693-6


Chapter 3 Page 3-18

Dimension .478 should be .480.

Chapter 4 Page 4-33

On Step 11 the text says that the Taper Angle is 4 degrees. It should really be -4 degrees, like in the previous step.

Chapter 6 Page 6-9

Step 5, dimension should be 0.65

Chapter 6 Page 6-13

On Step 14 one dimension is 5.00. The 5.00 dimension is the angle between the bottom horizontal edge to the inclined edge.

Chapter 6 Page 6-38

Step 11 - Change the dimension to 1.22, should be changed to .122

Chapter 8 Page 8-23

Step 2, select the Extrusion3

Chapter 8 Page 8-37

Exercise number 3 is missing a dimension. The base height is 25mm.

Chapter 8 Page 8-04

For instruction 4, ISO pins might not be shown in Inventor by default. To correct this, the user should go to the pull-down menu and choose: Tools-->Filters-->ISO

Chapter 8 Page 8-16

Step 11, the image should show internal checked.

Chapter 8 Page 8-35

Step 11, should include a note to 'create and modify the dimensions as shown'.

Chapter 9 Page 9-34

Step 4, the diagram dimensions don't match the dimensions used in the step. The dimensions in the image are the correct ones.

This step should read : 4. Create a cut feature, 13.8x3 mm, as shown.

Chapter 9 Page 9-40

Step 5 instructs you to make a cut feature when in fact it should be a join.

This step should read : 5. Create a Join feature, diameter 5.75 mm and depth 1.5 mm, as shown.

Chapter 9 Page 9-42

Step 11, Should be a 1.5mm and 2.5mm circle draw. Then extrude both circles, then another extrude/cut out he 1.5mm.

Chapter 11 Page 24

The layout of the Jansen mechanism is not accurately listed in the book and will not animate as such. Please see the corrected image below.

Chapter 12 Page 12-20

Step 5, the part should be "A8-Rodpin"

Chapter 12 Page 12-50

Step 14, the constraint should be Flush Constraint

Chapter 12 Page 12-52

Step 10, the part should be A10-Crank

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