Book Errata

Learning Autodesk Inventor 2012

Modeling, Analysis and Animation

Out of Print
Published January 13, 2012
485 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-693-6


Chapter 3 Page 3-18

Dimension .478 should be .480.

Chapter 4 Page 4-33

On Step 11 the text says that the Taper Angle is 4 degrees. It should really be -4 degrees, like in the previous step.

Chapter 6 Page 6-9

Step 5, dimension should be 0.65

Chapter 6 Page 6-13

On Step 14 one dimension is 5.00. The 5.00 dimension is the angle between the bottom horizontal edge to the inclined edge.

Chapter 6 Page 6-38

Step 11 - Change the dimension to 1.22, should be changed to .122

Chapter 8 Page 8-23

Step 2, select the Extrusion3

Chapter 8 Page 8-37

Exercise number 3 is missing a dimension. The base height is 25mm.

Chapter 8 Page 8-04

For instruction 4, ISO pins might not be shown in Inventor by default. To correct this, the user should go to the pull-down menu and choose: Tools-->Filters-->ISO

Chapter 8 Page 8-16

Step 11, the image should show internal checked.

Chapter 8 Page 8-35

Step 11, should include a note to 'create and modify the dimensions as shown'.

Chapter 9 Page 9-34

Step 4, the diagram dimensions don't match the dimensions used in the step. The dimensions in the image are the correct ones.

This step should read : 4. Create a cut feature, 13.8x3 mm, as shown.

Chapter 9 Page 9-40

Step 5 instructs you to make a cut feature when in fact it should be a join.

This step should read : 5. Create a Join feature, diameter 5.75 mm and depth 1.5 mm, as shown.

Chapter 9 Page 9-42

Step 11, Should be a 1.5mm and 2.5mm circle draw. Then extrude both circles, then another extrude/cut out he 1.5mm.

Chapter 12 Page 12-20

Step 5, the part should be "A8-Rodpin"

Chapter 12 Page 12-50

Step 14, the constraint should be Flush Constraint

Chapter 12 Page 12-52

Step 10, the part should be A10-Crank

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