Getting Started with Onshape

Published February 3, 2023
472 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-63057-576-2


Key Features

  • A concise guide to Onshape with step by step tutorials
  • Geared towards users who have no experience with 3D modeling
  • Learn to create parts, assemblies, drawings and export files to be 3D printed
  • Features seven projects followed through from start to finish
  • This edition features new lessons covering configurations and variable studio

In Detail

Onshape is an exciting, completely cloud based CAD tool. Getting Started with Onshape is a quick paced guide geared towards users who have no experience with 2D or 3D modeling. This edition has been fully updated to match all the recent changes to Onshape. This edition also features new lessons covering configurations and variable studio.

Because Onshape can be used for free it opens up CAD to anybody who is interested in creating their own models, including members of the bourgeoning Maker community and students who want to learn how to use 3D design tools. Because Onshape is 100% cloud based, there is no software to install, and it is always up to date. New features are available to use as soon as they are ready. The good news is that the tools, as outlined in this book, will continue to work the same way even as Onshape evolves.

This book guides you through the very basics of how to create models, make engineering drawings and bill of materials, and finally export to an stl file, which can be used to create a 3D print. Then you can send your stl file to one of many local or online shops that can print out an stl file. When you have completed this book, you will have taken the first step to the Maker Faire journey.

In the first chapter of Getting Started with Onshape you will learn how to create an account, explore the workspace, and learn how to share your documents with other people. Chapter two features a project where you are guided, step by step, to design your own singlet ring. Throughout this chapter you will learn many of the basic tools you will need to use in nearly every project you create. The third chapter features a project where you create all the parts of a scooter. This project builds on what you learned previously to create more complex designs while new features of Onshape are introduced.

In the remaining chapters you will learn how to import parts from other CAD systems, assemble the parts of your scooter, create a set of engineering drawings for your scooter, add and use apps from the Onshape app store to extend the capabilities of Onshape, and complete several more projects.

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