Engineering Graphics with SOLIDWORKS 2023

A Step-by-Step Project Based Approach

Published March 1, 2023
Beginner - Intermediate
582 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-63057-568-7


Key Features

  • Covers engineering graphics and SOLIDWORKS 2023 in a step-by-step manner
  • Designed for beginning or intermediate SOLIDWORKS users
  • Contains a chapter on the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate CSWA program
  • Includes a chapter introducing you to 3D printing

In Detail

Engineering Graphics with SOLIDWORKS 2023 is the ultimate guide for students, designers, engineers, and professionals who want to master SOLIDWORKS. With a focus on combining the fundamentals of engineering graphics and dimensioning practices with a hands-on, project-based approach, this book takes you on a journey through 11 comprehensive chapters.

Start by exploring the history of engineering graphics and manual sketching techniques, dive into orthographic projection, multi-view drawings, and dimensioning practices, and understand the evolution of CAD to the development of SOLIDWORKS.

Then, master the SOLIDWORKS User Interface and CommandManager, learn how to create simple machine parts and complex assemblies, and how to use design tables, configurations, multi-sheet drawings, BOMs, and revision tables. With over 80 step-by-step activities, you'll develop eight parts, four sub-assemblies, three drawings, and six document templates.

After developing your SOLIDWORKS skills in chapters 1-9, Chapter 10 fully prepares you for the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) exam, providing detailed information on the curriculum and model knowledge required to ace the exam. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of the exam itself, its intended audience, what to expect during the exam, and even get sample exam questions to help you prepare.

Take your skills to the next level with Chapter 11, where you'll delve into the fascinating world of 3D printing! You'll discover the differences between additive and subtractive manufacturing, and explore the fundamental concepts of 3D printer terminology, suitable filament materials, and general printing tips. Uncover the intricacies of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), STereoLithography (SLA), and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printer technologies, and get hands-on experience with preparing, saving, and printing a model on a Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printer.

With desired outcomes and usage competencies listed for each chapter, you'll know your objectives up front and follow the step-by-step procedures to achieve your design goals. The author draws on his own industry experience and the knowledge of experts to provide real-world scenarios, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how SOLIDWORKS is used in industry. This book is designed to complement the SOLIDWORKS Tutorials in the SOLIDWORKS Help menu, making it the best resource for anyone looking to master SOLIDWORKS and engineering graphics.