Engineering Design with SolidWorks 2008 and Multimedia CD

A Step-by-Step Project Based Approach Utilizing 3D Solid Modeling

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Published November 26, 2007
674 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-419-2


Engineering Design with SolidWorks covers parts, assemblies and drawings. The part section covers all the major solid features in SolidWorks. There are 3 assemblies.

The first assembly, GUIDE-ROD utilizes industry components and simple extruded parts. Individual part drawings and assembly drawings with Bill of Materials are developed for the GUIDE-ROD assembly.

The FLASHLIGHT assembly utilizes 8 parts made up of Extrude, Revolve, Sweep and Loft features. The parts are combined into small subassemblies and the final FLASHLIGHT assembly.

The BOX assembly utilizes a top down assembly modeling approach with layout sketches and parts developed in context. The BOX works through sheet metal features and introduces design tables and configurations.

This edition covers enhancements to the User Interface section, Design Intent area and Sheet Metal features.

The Multimedia CD includes 4 hours of movie files, 1/2 hour on individual feature tips and creation.

This textbook focuses on machined, plastic and sheet metal parts, assemblies and drawings. Included in this textbook are activity layouts to distinguish step-by-step instructions in the text.

This textbook contains instructions utilizing Mold Tools to modify plastic parts and to develop a cavity mold for the Batteryplate part. There are also flash movies for Mold Tools and MoldflowXpress on the MultiMedia CD.

Instructors will appreciate the math exercises on the Instructor's CD for Science, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) programs including examples in algebra, geometry, vectors and calculus.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamentals of Part Modeling
  3. Fundamentals of Assembly Modeling
  4. Fundamentals of Drawing
  5. Extrude and Revolve Features
  6. Swept and Loft and Additional Features
  7. Top Down Assembly Modeling

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Published November 26, 2007
674 Pages
Binding: Paperback
Printing: Black and White
Print ISBN: 978-1-58503-419-2 | ISBN 10: 1585034193
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