Engineering Design Graphics Sketching Workbook

Fifth Edition

Table of Contents

  1. Lettering
    Line Sketching
    Diagram Sketching
    Computer Geometric Construction
  2. Scales
    Geometric Construction
  3. Visualization
    Computer Modeling
  4. Axonometric Sketching
    Computer Modeling
  5. Oblique Sketching
    Isometric Sketching
    Computer Modeling
  6. Six-View Sketching
    Three View Sketching
    Computer Modeling
  7. Multiview Missing Lines
    Auxiliary View Sketching
    Computer Modeling
  8. Design Sketching
    Design Modification
    Computer Modeling
  9. Sectioning
    Pictorial Sectioning
  10. Dimensioning
    Tolerance Dimensioning
    Pictorial Dimensioning 11. Design Project I
    Design Project Sketches
  11. Design Project II
    Design Project Sketches

Product Details

Published May 1, 2005
208 Pages
Binding: Paperback
Printing: Black and White
Print ISBN: 978-1-58503-167-2 | ISBN 10: 1585031674