Book Errata

Design Integration Using Autodesk Revit 2011

Architecture, Structure and MEP

Out of Print
Published July 2, 2010
664 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-607-3


Chapter 4 Page 10

Step 29; change “Inquiry” to “Measure”.

Chapter 4 Page 34

Figure 4-4.4 Image should say “2011” rather than “2010”

Chapter 4 Page 35

Figure 4-4.4; The image should read “Learning Revit Architecture 2011 is fun!”

Chapter 6 Page 26

Step 2b; Change “Height” to “Top Constraint”.

Chapter 8 Page 10

Step 4; Add the following tip “Make sure you select the file from the proper sub-folder”.

Chapter 8 Page 20

Step 38; Do not confuse the numbered bullets to be part of the beam/joist name.

Chapter 9 Page 16

Step 18; The chapter starter files were upgraded from 2010. The elevation tags therefore do not appear the same as showing in Figure 9-2.6.

Chapter 10 Page 27

Figure 10-3.2; The Stack Shelving should be listed as 16’-0” x 90” (not 16” x 90”).

Chapter 11 Page 28

Question 7; Omit the word “dialog” from the question. – the answer is two words

Chapter 12 Page 9

Step 8c: Omit the item “Demand Factor” (this is no longer an option in Revit MEP 2011)

Chapter 13 Page 1

The chapter 13 starter file has the Air Terminals in the wrong location relative to the ceiling grid. Note: this does not cause any problems; it just creates a graphics appearance issue.

Chapter 13 Page 21

Step 16; The View Range (Top and View Depth) needs to be changed to 2’-0” in order to place the light fixtures in the back stair shaft. The roof “face” is not visible to Revit in the current view otherwise.

Chapter 13 Page 32

Review Question 8: With Revit MEP version 2011, this question is now False.

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