Book Errata

Design Integration Using Autodesk Revit 2010

Architecture, Structure and MEP

Out of Print
Published April 5, 2010
656 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-582-3


Chapter 2 Page 31

The second line of the first paragraph should read: "With the SteeringWheel you can walk through your model, going down hallways and turning into rooms."

Chapter 6 Page 31

The text is unclear whether or not you should add an interior wall between the entryway and the main lobby. This wall should NOT be added in chapter 6.

Chapter 8 Page 1

Exercise 8-1: Second Paragraph, last sentence. The first word on the last line should be "roof".

Chapter 8 Page 47

Step 30: "Finish Roof" should be "Finish Floor".

Chapter 8 Page 49

Step 30: Instructions should say 2 1/2" to match the figure.

Chapter 8 Page 65

Step 10 should read "Make sure the Model Graphics Style is set to Hidden Line, via the View Control Bar or the View Properties".

Chapter 9 Page 1

Step 2 should read "Switch to your Level 1 Floor plan view".

Chapter 9 Page 12

Step 2: Change the word "Architectural" to "Floor".

Chapter 9 Page 16

Step 19: The first word should be "Click".

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