Book Errata

Commercial Design Using AutoCAD 2011

Out of Print
Published August 9, 2010
454 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-555-7


Chapter Appendix A Page 7
(Appendix A), Lineweight Standards Add the following FYI: “Color 7 is white on black backgrounds and black on white backgrounds. This will print black by default regardless of the background color”
Chapter 4 Page 24

Step 11: Add the following tip: “Explode any blocks”

Chapter 5 Page 42

Step 42: Omit the word “States”

Chapter 6 Page 3

Add one more right parentheses “)” at the bottom – this was cropped by the gray background box.

Chapter 6 Page 23

Step 30: Add the following tip: “adjust the sink location in plan to match elevation dimensions”

Chapter 8 Page 14

Figure 8-1.19B: Change the Text Color from “ByBlock” to “255”

Chapter 9 Page 24

Figure 9-2.9: Check “Fit to paper” option

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