Book Errata

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced Preparation Material

Sheet Metal, Weldments, Surfacing, Mold Tools and Drawing Tools

Published July 18, 2016
248 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-63057-018-7


Chapter 4 Page 7

Step 6: The image on this page shows the flat pattern that includes Hem feature in it, therefore the measurement of 16.696in is not correct for this step.

The correct flat pattern for this step (shown below) does not include the Hem feature and the correct measurement is 16.043in.

Chapter 4 Page 25

This page is missing a step that describes how to add "HEM" information. The missing step is available for download as a PDF from the book's downloads. A basic description of the steps are as follows:

Add 2 hems on the left and right side of the model:

  • Material: Inside
  • Type: Tear Drop
  • Angle: 310deg.
  • Radius: .125
  • Hem outwards.
Chapter 5 Page 19

Step 17 is missing a centerline and a relation to make the Spline looks like the image. Add a Vertical Centerline and a Tangent relation between the Spline and the centerline as noted.

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