Book Errata

Beginner's Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2018 - Level I

Parts, Assemblies, Drawings, PhotoView 360 and SimulationXpress

Published October 24, 2017
752 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-63057-148-1


Chapter 2 Page 152

The oil pan gasket thickness is incorrectly listed in the book. Please use the image below.

Chapter 2 Page 199

6.9 The second sentence of the second paragraph should read: This way the chamfer added will be .1” in the direction of the arrow and at 45°.

Chapter 2 Page 215

The keyway's depth dimension is missing. The updated Crankshaft's drawing's image is provided below.

Chapter 3 Page 326

The Crank case top dipstick thread count should say to make the thread pitch .075" with 3 turns.

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