Book Errata

Architectural Commercial Design Using Autodesk Revit 2014

Out of Print
Published April 30, 2013
476 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-802-2


Chapter 7 Page 39

54. In the AEC Material library, under the Metal heading, double-click Roofing, Metal from the list of predefined Materials and then click OK.

FYI: Notice the rendering material is set to an Aluminum Anodized Bronze for Metal – Roofing on the Render Appearance tab.

Chapter 7 Page 40

64. In the Default 3D View: open each of the two Options (i.e., enter edit mode) in the Curtainwall Option Set, select the three walls above the curtain wall and Cut to Clipbaord.

Chapter 8 Page 25

33. Uncheck Use Project Settings.

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