Book Errata

Analysis of Machine Elements Using SolidWorks Simulation 2014

Published May 7, 2014
434 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-856-5


Chapter I Page 1

A triangular symbol, known in mathematics as "delta," is missing adjacent to "L" in the 3rd line up from bottom of page.

Chapter I Page 1

Fig. 1, a triangular symbol, known in mathematics as "delta," is missing to the left of "L" located above the dashed line at right end of figure 1.

Chapter I Page 2

The eight (8) small circles representing eight evenly spaced nodes along the length of the line are missing.

Chapter I Page 11

Equation [4] is missing the "epsilon" symbol that denotes "strain" in the equation stating that "stress is proportional to Strain. SIGMA = Elastic Modulus * Strain

The formula should be: σ = E*ε

Chapter 2 Page 47

Figure Caption E2-8 is missing. The caption should read: Isometric and three orthogonal views of the trailer hitch curved member.

Chapter 4 Page 55

Fig. E4-4, The letter "F" , part of the "Figure" label is offset one line above where it belongs.

Chapter 5 Page 41

The Figure caption for Figure E5-7 is split between the bottom of pg. 5-41 and the top of pg. 5-42. It should all appear in the text box on pg. 5-41.

Chapter 8 Page 3

The first line of item #8 is missing the inverted solid triangle symbol between the words ". . . open the ___ Number Format box . . ." It should appear as follows:

8. In the Position/Format dialogue box, click to open the▼ Number Format box and select scientific notation as the desired number format.

Chapter 8 Page 9

The inverted triangle symbol is missing in last line of item #4 between the words ". . . pull-down menu ___ and select it." It should appear as follows:

4. Also in the Parameters window, beneath Category, verify that Model Dimension appears. If not, open the pull-down menu ▼ and select it.

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