Photo Editing Books

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Adobe Lightroom

Available May 1, 2023
400 pages
  • Instructs new Adobe Lightroom users to organize, edit, store and export digital images
  • Build on your skills with the in-depth compendium of features and functions
  • Helps you organize your optimum workspace
  • Lessons model Lightroom’s powerful, non-destructive image enhancing capabilities
  • Master shortcut keys and special features to record, save, and batch apply edits
  • Explores output settings and options for all your projects

Adobe Photoshop

Published June 1, 2020
416 pages
  • Trains new Adobe Photoshop users to create and control any image or design
  • Develops those skills further with an extensive compendium of features and functions
  • Shows how to best configure your workspace and settings to save time and energy
  • Covers all Photoshop functions through basic image manipulation to composite creation
  • Engages learners with cheerful lessons and appealing examples
  • Includes an addendum of new Photoshop additions, refinements, and experimental features
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