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Exploring Perspective Hand Drawing

Fundamentals for Interior Design

Out of Print
Published March 5, 2012
300 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-58503-667-7

The author has provided several class outlines for her book Exploring Perspective Hand Drawing. This is an added teaching tool for instructors who will be using this book in a introduction to drawing class or as part of a studio class to reinforce their students' drawing skills.

There are class outlines for 10 week, 12 week and 15 week classes. Each outline includes a suggested weekly chapter with both class topics and demonstrations from the Activity Sketch Book and suggested homework reading, video viewing and activities. It is designed for a "flipped class" structure where the homework includes activities from the past class and reading and view videos in preparation for the next class. For example, Week 3 Cylinders was demonstrated in class, the homework includes activities drawing cylinders and reading and video viewing about texture and pattern in preparation for Week 4 class demonstrations.

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10 Week Class Outline
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12 Week Class Outline
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15 Week Class Outline
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